Fotios Evangelopoulos speaks about Humane Society Hellas

Fotios Evangelopoulos is the Founder and Ceo of Humane Society Hellas, founded in 2018, Our goal of the Association is to bring its members together in a concerted effort with objectives:
i. The protection of animals, Females and Males, the effort to find ways to harmonize them with people according to the latest scientific and social perceptions and to spread feelings of affection and love for them.
ii. Caring for the gradual and gentle elimination of Stray animals in the cities, By providing responsible homes.
iii. Dissemination and encouragement of responsible ownership of animals.
iv. The development of any activity related to animals, such as the organization of events, workshops, scientific meetings, seminars, etc.
v.  information and awareness raising programs in schools.
vi. The tightening of relations with all the animal welfare associations in Northern and the rest of Greece, as well as the hosting of domestic and foreign friends’ friendly clubs.
vii. Promoting and spreading the values ​​of animal welfare and noble rivalry among animal friends.

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